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Saturday, 26 July 2014


Watch the first part of this movie which is "Rise of the Planet Apes" where you will then remember some part in the movie since it is a sequel to the movie. The main character, Caeser, is still inside where he is the super smart chimpanzee to survive the experiment which leads to the a viral flu which wipes out almost the whole world populating leaving those who are immune to it.

What you will experience is leadership at it's best, makes you question yourself will there be such leader in human where we respect and worship so much. That being said read on for the movie review.


The story line and plot make sense after the incident from previous movie. We see Caeser grown to be a well respected leader and continuing to teach apes how to care for the other apes. As a leader, he cares for the apes and ensure that they are always safety. Lots of feeling moment as you will be surprise as the apes touch you more than the humans do. There is always a revisit of his old house which brings back memories and also how a leader/father figure tries to teach his kid not to always be hasty about it. The progression of story line is good and also plot does make sense. Fight scene are quick paced and also lots of action either apes - apes and apes - human with or without gun.


The only problem I have watching the movie, some part seems to be exceptionally slow moving, I get it that suppose to highlight some parts of the movie but feels quite slow. Besides that, I have also question how Caesar took days to recover while sending his son to help and only to return 2 days later while the other apes seems to be doing nothing under the guidance of Koba after rounding up the human. There are some loopholes but can be overcome with the fantastic leadership of Caesar and the humans which are helping throughout the show. One last thing is, the apes in the movie rides horses, I am still somewhat confuse about that part so is my gf.


The show is 130 minutes long but I can assure you that throughout the movie you will be entertained and also respect the leadership of Caesar on how he guide and build a place for the apes. The movie is slated to have another release in 2016, where the war begins.

TL;DR: Lots of action on both sides, prepare to ride the feel train, tons of apes and rise of Caesar (again!)


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