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Saturday, 5 July 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Time after time I have supported Michael Bay and giving him the chance to at least get a freaking Transformer movie right! But no, Michael Bay decided to just blow everything up without any storyline and also include with tons of brand placement almost every single minute of the movie. 


There are tons of nice cars in the movie, somehow it feels more like Fast and Furious instead of Transformers. The transformation still brings much satisfaction after quite a number of time seeing it. Fast paced, lots of metal to metal action and explosions basically sums up what is good and the movie. 


Everything is wrong in the movie. Dinobots was just there because the Autobots needed it and walla tamed in less than 5 minutes (I was expecting more for this)! Optimus Prime went on to a rampage and go all full #yolo #swag invading a building without giving a shit bout humans safety. Product placement almost everywhere till I feel the movie is just one big advertisement. Transformium? Seriously? The transformation of the transformium is as lame as it could be,spoils all the fun. Galvatron is like a rip-off China version of Megatron and I start to wonder what was Michael Bay smoking when he directed the Transformers. Autobots seems can take out more than >50 enemies while still remain intact and Optimus Prime forgotten that he could fly around. Well played. Oh and whatever sword/gun that Mr Mark was using, we all need those. It can actually stop the punch of a full size robot yo. Stupidity at it's best Mr Bay.


Save your money and watch some other movies. Piece of shit like this don't deserve your support and also TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) is going to be destroyed thanks to Michael Bay again. As much as I hope it wont happen, Michael Bay is famous for destroying movies that he directed with over the top explosion and effects which at times seems to be just that the whole show. 

TL;DR: Lots of robots, autobots vs the world, dinobots to the rescue, galvatron flee, TF5. 


  1. Nice review Kevan. Way too long for what it is. Which is just another Transformers movie.

    1. Seems to me more like a very long advertistment for product placement featuring Transformers. That's about it. Thanks for reading!