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Monday, 14 July 2014


Picture courtesy of DanielC
With the recent weather of heat and haze, seems like the weather decided to be a pure dick and shaft it all down your throat whether you like it or not, if this is a case of RAPE, good luck for nobody cares about the reports that you will be filling.

Therefore, most of the people I know gets SORE THROAT with me getting it almost once every f*cking month, thus I have now arm myself with some ways to cure my sore throat in the fastest possible way:

Here is 5 miracle worker for me to combat SORE THROAT:

1. Cap Daun Teh Herba

This is a miracle worker, once you have that feeling that someone is playing with your throat, get this tea bag and pour hot water while dipping this miracle in. Start drinking it once it starts to cool down and by tomorrow, your sore throat will already be gone. Surprise MA.....!

2. Xia Sang Ju Chong Ji

Don't ask me what does the name means, not a single f was given. Just brew this and start drinking it twice a day like your throat depend on it. Which then will slowly soothe down your throat and by tomorrow or 2 days later it will all be forgotten.

3. Ice creams

The fastest way to ensure that your throat numb so you can forget the blardy pain that is digging down your throat and also provides you soothing comfort for a good 2 - 3 hours depends on the ice cream that is taken (it is said the more expensive the ice-cream the longer it lasted)

4. Strepsils

Never argue on me with this medication, I have taken this ample of times and it proves itself most of the time to be a life saver. Just suck it as much as you can, roughly around 4 per day and you can suddenly feel your throat is winning the war against sore. Trust me on this.

5. H20

The slowest and most excruciating way to cure a sore throat. While water will surely help us to cure sore throat, you should drink it as much as you could while using other 4 of the above to help you with the process. Trying to cure a sore throat with only water is like walking through a muddy terrain, sometimes, shit happens. 

If all else fail, do consult a doctor. I am not a doctor definitely and all of this remedies come from my mum, and she is not a doctor too. So get that ass up, open your car door and go to the nearest clinic. Don't be stubborn. Thank you very much. 


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