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Sunday, 3 January 2016


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Thanks +ChurpChurp again for this screening at 1 Utama +Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC)

Frankenstein has already been told from 1931 (based on Google) and up till now we have no freaking idea how he looks like. Therefore in 2015, someone decided to remake Frankenstein with another rendition  of what he thinks Frankenstein looks like. Teamed up with James McAvoy (Victor Frankenstein) and Daniel Radcliffe (Igor) they tried to tell a different perspective which is from Igor. I would just give this movie a 2.5 stars out of 5 stars, and I will tell you why below.


The acting was really really good. Both main characters carried their role so well that at times I personally felt that Frankenstein is real. I also like a whole total different plot from the original, this plot was because he wanted to revive his older brother who died back then. The movie tried explaining everything on how they found out the idea of reviving the dead and also mostly more about science which I did some research, make a little sense but there is no way you can move a muscle for that long.


Aside from the good acting, everything else feels a little too soon. There are some action scenes but it felt as it to be forced into the movie. I would like if they take more time explaining more about the creation of Frankenstein. Reviving his own brother as a plot is pretty much cliche and already been figured out many many times. Aside from that, the female character in the movie does not posses much airtime and she was merely there to remind them that they are out of control on their experiment. 


Well it is something different, it would be a lie if I said I did not enjoy it still I personally felt it needed much more depth to the movie. Someday another Frankenstein movie will screen and this eventually will be forgotten. When the day come, maybe I would be rating that movie to be much better than this (if I am still writing) 


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