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Friday, 25 March 2016


Friday, March 25, 2016 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , , No comments

The tagline say that #YouWillBelieve again and you definitely will believe again after watching this particular. I know I am pretty slow in reviewing this piece but I have to write this as special because I actually felt for the longest time this is the Malaysian movie that I can stand behind proudly. As a Malaysian and like what my dad always mentioned, I think I missed the time where Malaysia used to rule football in SEA. Therefore, this movie followed closely of the time when Malaysia used to triumph so much in football. 


The whole new cast, I have not seen them acting in most Malaysian movie and this young cast shows their chemistry on set very well. It all shows when you see how comfortable they are acting with one another. At least, I don't see a kayu acting. Other than that, I am pretty proud that this movie brings all the older generation people to the cinema. I see kids bringing their parents to the cinema to relive the glory days (sorry mum and dad, I did not bring you both to this movie). Besides that, the plot flows is good and not one minute of it I felt bored and the urge to know what happen next which is good when watching movie. 


The malay pronunciations in the movie felt kinda weird and force. I was hoping they use a more laidback Bahasa Melayu because it felt too perfect to begin with. Other than that, I felt that the reporter could do much more in the movie aside from just appearing at the start at the end. I want more dialogue from her as pretty sure she can take on much bigger role than just simply speaking a few dialogues in the movie. Although I felt the storyline follow like closely real event, they should actually be doing much more than that. Based on what I heard, they changed quite alot. 


Overall it is really a good local movie production. Today is the last day it is going to be screened and I am pretty sure it has a good run in the cinema. All walks of life came and watch the football movie which hopefully will be inspiration to the Malaysian football team. 


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