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Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Tuesday, December 27, 2016 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , No comments

Star Wars has been around for quite some time and after the current acquisition with Disney, fortunately, we are not seeing Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck being a Jedi but instead, we are furnish with more instalment of Star Wars and also some fillers every now and then but this filler was pretty damn good I must say. I entered watching Rogue One without much expectation just I know that this story was before episode 4, thus I was just refreshing my episode 4 reference but fret not those who did not watch Star Wars can still enjoy this grim and gritty movie. 


The casting for Rogue One was perfect. Every single character that was introduced felt like they are there with a specific role and they carried it super well which includes a robot. A good cast means you are attached to it throughout the show and that keep your interest always at it is peak. The storyline was pretty good as a filler and the whole action in the movie was pretty good and always keep us on the edge. Aside from that, we get to know much more about the rebellions and also what happen between episodes and how did they find out Death Star weakness. 


Lots of action is mainly on their blasters and very well placed strategic attacks. That being said, there are close to no lightsaber action while I know it not exactly bad but mainstream people who watch Star Wars only likes the lightsaber. Aside from that, the starting of the movie was pretty slow paced, which makes me wonder how did they pace it because towards the end the action was pretty much every particular minute of it. 


Pretty good filler for a Star Wars movie, my expectation was met and it was such a depressing movie at one point too. Everything was good and most of your Star Wars questions answered in Rogue One. I guess I would recommend you to watch even if you never watched Star Wars before. 


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