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Sunday, 30 July 2017


Sunday, July 30, 2017 Posted by Kevan Lee , , No comments

Wonder Woman was my most anticipated movie from DC, used to be Batman vs Superman but that was so bad I am trying not to remember. This is because Wonder Woman is portrayed by Gal Gadot, while she lacks the physique of the usual comic Wonder Woman, she is so fitting for the role in terms of how comfortable she playing the character, you can see it with her actions and the way she moves fluidly and also the way she speaks. 


Gal Gadot is such a good actress and couple with Chris Pine they both make the perfect on-screen couple. The chemistry between them both is off the charts and we can see it trickle through the big screen and also into their tour for Wonder Woman. Aside from there, the storyline has a good pacing and the action takes a better half of the movie. The fighting scene is convincing and it ensures that you will be glued to your seats and will be constantly engaged in the scene as we can feel the strength and power she carries. 


Some of the parts where the CG seems to fall short, you can actually see that it is obviously CG-ed. Unlike Man of Steel, the CG work was put into good use as we can see the perfect blend of real life action and also CG. Aside from that, they are some part which could be considered as fillers, the show is pretty long thus removing those part and put it into the Blu-Ray edition of  Wonder Woman should be good. I felt they should also spend more time explaining more about her powers and also the city of Themyscira instead of rushing it off to the war area. 


Gal Gadot is such a good cast to play Wonder Woman. She fits perfectly in this role and I could not be happier that DC bounce back after their shitty BvS and also their so-so attempt on Suicide Squad. By the time this review is out, the show probably has little screening in the cinema, if you have the chance to watch it in cinema, do so, if not, still do not forget to watch it 


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