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Monday, 29 December 2014


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Dear younger Kevan, 

It will be hard for you during those time, where people and your friends are constantly hooking up while you are busy getting friendzoned to oblivion. You also tend to be hanging out with dicks all day long. Fret not, younger Kevan, your time will come when you have a girlfriend and she will love you lots. Till then, you can keep this signs in mind and also advice those around you of the signs of friendzone: 

1. The way she talks you
When she walks up to you and call you bro, you should be cautious then because high chances she is moving you to her comfort zone. DON'T ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN! If all else fail, you can punch her (just kidding). Try to call her by her name or simply just don't acknowledge her calling! 

2. The way she dress up
Once she stop dressing up, taking hours to do her make up then you prolly promoted to her BFF! That is because girls take time to look good and impress someone they have feelings for or want to seek attention from that particular person. Or they can go out with you all dress up and all, just because she always want to look pretty with you but don't want to be dating you cause she just you know, likes you. 

3. The questions she asks
Many times, they will ask you really personal questions, some mainly which dress looks better on them. Which bikini should they get, or simply how much you know bout THAT particular guy she is stalking. She sits you down to tell you her stalking story or the shopping item she gotten you. 

4. The way she interacts with you on both levels
She will be more than comfortable to just sit on your lap or better, pull your underwear in attempt to give u a wedgie. She is also comfortable to mention all the things which makes you shy and not a single fuck was given to her. Basically, she treats you like a girl or a guy whenever she feels like it. This is quite deadly because she could be holding your hand but you are nothing but a good good friend (i.e GAY)

5. The way she touches you
She might touch you in all the right places but then you must know, there are touches which leaves you weak in the knees and there are some which felt like it but it is NOT IT! She is just comfortable with you well there is a good things there but when if you let her to be wayyyy too comfortable then you wont be able to get out of that zone. Trust me! 

6. The advices she wants

Most of them asks you for advices but they won't be dating you solely because they like the vicious cycle of getting their heartbroken. In order to handle girls like this, you can just advice her and let her be, the next time she asks you for advice, make sure she pays for your food or your beer or BOTH so that there won't be waste of your time cause honestly, this particular type of girls just need someone to comfort them when they are down, thus forgetting bout you once they date another d-bag. 


Future Kevan with a girlfriend. 


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