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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


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2014 was not a strong year to begin with but throughout the year, it gotten much much better and I am thankful for that. I have compile a list of things which I learnt throughout the year, the source can be from close ones or simply just observing things that has been happening. 

1. Take the chance(s)

As much as you think I am in the #YOLO generation, there are more than one time I did not take the chance to leap myself forward but then over thinking got the best of me and ultimately FEAR got the best of me thus I decided to just let it slip to someone else. This coming 2015, I think I should take as many chances as I can just to you know, to compensate for whatever I miss in 2014 :D. 

Took this leap of faith, but not others. Damn!
2. Keep your trust

2014 certainly showed me what type of people you can meet. If you have doubt, keep your trust. Never trust too early. Friendship can change throughout the year, it is okay if you are a little selfish towards yourself. Trust shall never be thrown so easily as it will leave bitter taste if somehow people decide to backstab you. Thankfully, I have grown to with a fine circle of friendship albeit there are some fallouts. 

3. Do more of things you like 

Did not do much of this in 2014, coming 2015 I will be doing more of things I like for example, writing? Or maybe I will be doing more of gaming and also collecting polo tees as it gives me a certain feels of satisfaction. I know some people enjoy travelling while others enjoy photography or simply writing, that's why the world will be a better place if you guys do something you like. I would dare say most of the startup start with doing something you like.

4. NO 

People tend to think that "NO" makes you sound like an asshole but I guess this year I have not said this much. Lots of time, I feel people need to learn how to do it on their own rather than being spoonfeed. That is how society dies because of spoonfeeding. Many times I did not say NO because I wanted to avoid conflict or drama. That is why I succumb to not saying NO. 

5. Choose your battle(s)

All year round you find yourself get into a battle where you can choose to approach it heads on, or take the back seat and just settle back while it all get out of the way. Make sure before you decide to jump in your battle, get your facts right and ensure that you have a healthy argument. If you choose to fight in all your battles, by the middle of the year you will be dead tired fighting all them battles. 

6. Ask for help

I remember end of the last year, I was beaten and emotionally sunk to the bottom of the ocean but I have the best of friends to just drag me around ensuring that I survive throughout the year, that happen and I was dragged around ALOT eventually I manage to stand on my own two feet and with a blink of an eye it is 2015. 

7. Choose wisely

You will be flooded with lots of people and those that want to befriend you and those that want to use you. As age catch up with you, you come to realise that you don't have much time in a day or during the weekends, because of other commitments, mainly work being the biggest issue here. Therefore, you should choose wisely who you will like to spend time with and ignore those who only around when you are the happiest or the richest person. 

All in all, as much 2014 knock me down, I got back up to my feet thanks to the people who always there to support me, all the loved ones. 2014 ended quite sweet for me, I got a job, got a girlfriend (finally) and also get to gather later at night with close friends to usher in the new year. Coming 2015, I would like to say I am truly sorry if I have offended any of you. Next year I will be a better man and definitely bring more laughter to the people who are close to me. What is there in the world without laughter and love :D. 



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