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Thursday, 4 December 2014


1. The Grindfest
Since the standing space for monorail is far smaller comparing to LRT,  certain stations with their heavy traffic (Hang Tuah heading to Bukit Bintang) ensures that you will have a clubbing crowd coming in the morning. Why bother going Zouk when you can get the same grinder in the monorail early in the morning, best part is, there are different music for different individual. Obviously some retards think that bystanders do not realise if they are busy grinding or 'poking'.

2. The Stop-The-Door please!
Whatever day you ride the monorail, there will always be one person who will come running in like a wrecking ball and shortly after that straight put either his/her hands or legs to block the door, or jump in like he is taking a dive for the Olympic gold medal, no kidding, I am dead fucking serious! These type if you meet, them either step on their feet or just whack their hands. Best thing is, you should knee them when they are diving into the compartment.

3. The Run For Your Life
This one happens when the person randomly dreaming or lost track of the stations, and all of a sudden it seems like he/she gotten a chopstick poke straight up their asshole and then straight bolt out the door. At the very least, you should pay more attention to the station so that you show signs that you are exiting therefore people can move. Running out of the monorail only make you look stupid and also an asshole because you are literally knocking over people dumbfucks! Thank you at least? 

4. The One With The Force
This usually happen when you are entering the monorail especially station Hang Tuah, where unfortunately half of the people from Selangor and many other parts of the Kuala Lumpur gathers there to go somewhere. Once you hear the monorail opens, brace yourself cause people is going to be pushing you, either from the back, from the side, from everywhere. All of a sudden people are using FORCE PUSH to get your ass inside even when the monorail is overflowing with people. We can even witness legs are sticking out but NOT A SINGLE FUCK was given. They just gonna be pushing and pushing till one fine bright yellow fucking day someone fall onto the platform. 

5. The One Who Has No Backbone
This particular one will remain seated once they enter the monorail. That is the best part. No matter who comes in the monorail, a handicapped, an old person or whoever, they will not budge what more stand up and offer their seats for people. They will sit and just ignore the world. FUCK THE WORLD yo guys. Therefore, if you are old or handicapped, I apologize on behalf of these retards. Sorry so much. 


A Monorail Passenger


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