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Thursday, 11 December 2014


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So I had the chance to take my jumping to the next level at Jump Street Asia  and proceed to make booking over on their website but unfortunately, their website was having technical error. Therefore, we just took our chances and drove there hoping there are some slots left.
The signs that greeted us upon arriving.
Remember to read the rules people! 

The time is 5 p.m and Petaling Jaya was raining like a boss. Gotten our cars parked and ran towards the registration counter. Aww YEAHHHHHH, they still have slots but problem is there are way too many kids running around as someone is having their birthday party there thus making the place crowded as it already is. We quickly gotten band and also the awesome jump street socks and made our way to the locker as soon as possible. 

The "Sticky" Socks
The best is yet to come, as there are many people we cant seem to get into lots of areas especially HIGH PERFORMANCE area where are able to run up on a wall which is cool as shit but also hard like fuck. We then moved on to the normal area where the basic of trampoline jumping were taught. 

The blue area, where the basics are taught.
The other side is the orange area,where you are able to do much more advance jumps.
Jumped for 20 minutes and I pulled my shoulder muscle because of the lack of warming up. Aside from that, it seems like I have been running forever. Only 20 mins into jumping I felt like mah knees is just asking me to fuck myself. Good bye world RIP knees. 

All in all, it was definitely a good experience to be trying something new. Just please make sure that you do a proper warm up and also learn how to stop jumping properly as wrong landing can result to a very severe twisted knees. Here I end this post with a video. Enjoy! 



No 8A Jalan 13/6 Seksyen 13 (Beside Jaya One)

Tel. 03 7969 1051


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