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Monday, 8 December 2014


So when I posted the top Malaysian habits in the cinema part 1 (READ HERE), seems like I have gotten some comments over on Facebook concerning some missing habits which I did not cover, so here is the second round of Malaysian habit in the cinema

1. The Loud One
Ahhh how can I forget about this, maybe because I tend to be in this category once awhile and when I do (often) it is time to munch slower and quietly. There are some who seems to be able to munch as though they are eating the seats or their fucking phone. In no way you could ever imagine that popcorns can sound this loud what else in a hall so fucking huge. All you hear is OM NOM NOM NOM NOM and it keeps getting louder together with the sound of them digging into their popcorn. TOPKEK mate. It add the extra dimension when you are watching movie, all of a sudden you feel like a digging scene or eating scene is coming up.

2. The Silent One
Tilting their ass and letting out a gas of destruction and confusion. This is an elite class because you know it is hard to have minimal movement but still let out a silent gas to confuse and dazed the people around them. It will usually be accompanied by random cough or a sudden leg movement and then the gas is released. Other than that, rarely there are loud ones as people are embarrassed but this silent fucker that they let go, there are no forgiveness to that

3. The Loud-er One
This type usually answer their phone all the time. It is as though they buy the movie ticket just to answer call in it and irritate the fuck out of everyone and everything. All the time their phone will shine in your eyes and then they will proceed to answer it loudly, not even fucking whispering. Normal conversation goes like this "AH HELLO! I AM WATCHING MOVIE NOW LAH!". Yep, every single fucking time people. Malaysians come on you are better than that.

4. The One Who Limbs Are Too Long 
Particular species seems to be too long of a limb, mainly legs. That is because they legs are constantly on the back of your fucking seats. Either trying to imprint their feet shape into your chair or simply just being a douchebag shaking the hell out of your seat. Feels like you are sitting in a 4D cinema where your seats is constantly vibrating for nothing. We all know you are tall, so why not control your limbs and stop fucking moving dumbnuts. Thanks!

5. The Wrong One
Okay this happened to me in the cinema before a long time ago. Basically, as I was watching the movie around 10-15 minutes into it, a couple came directly beside me and demanded that I was sitting on their seats. So I whipped out my.... phone and ask them what is their seats number and then I found out that it was basically the wrong cinema. Redirect them to the correct cinema because I am kind like that. Lel.


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