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Thursday, 11 September 2014


Back in the days the only way to know a girl is to stalk her (lol, just kidding) but then you know part of it is true. You either join a extra curricular activity or try to sign up for the other organization such as clubs or other curricular activities (not the fucking Pokemon club, all dicks there I can almost promise you that). During those days, getting to know a girl need lots of courage, as you need to walk up to her with the most swag you have and hopefully she will even maintain a conversation with you. So man up that iron balls and also mentally prepare for rejection as the most you can get is TALK TO MY HAND gesture.

Enter the technology world, where everything is done behind the screen of 3 inches and above , and you have tons of apps to help you ease the process. Instant messaging apps has always been a hit but it limits you to meeting new people, you still have to rock up the swag way and hopefully she gives you her FB ID or Skype ID (nobody does this) and then you can add her and hopefully she replies. Then as the app market grew, people start to think of a way to cure loneliness and lots of REAL social networking apps were born. Today I will mention the apps that I have used in social networking and you are free to try others out there.


The almighty tinder, available in most platforms.

This is the first app that I used and it is quite interesting. Location based (most if it are) you will be able to find people around you of the opposite sex unless you roll that way. And you can specify age and distance to ensure that the people you choose is within your dating limit (don't worry the legal age to use is 18 so it's okay guys) and distance the closer the better so you can meet up as soon as possible if you want it.

If you are Tinder-Ing at town area (KL) most of the time you will end up with foreigner with locals scattered around. Thus if you are feeling adventurous then by all means go ahead but if you prefer locals, maybe you should try locating people from other areas such as PJ or Subang :D. You will have higher chance to get a local guy/girl so continue swiping and put on your best pickup lines. LOL.


Like the bee, everyone runs the fuck away from you here

BeeTalk is currently being advertise like a bawse across almost all channel even in the cinema therefore I succumb to advertisement and downloaded the app. The app is really confusing to use, you have option of adding people nearby and also the swiping ala Tinder style or just by shaking your phones. The usual adding come later in the application where you must ensure that your pickup line is good enough to at least hold a conversation.

So far the problem with this, it basically have tons of sales people and also ladyboys in the freaking app. Trust me most of the people you will not have match with, their profile are dead. Seems to me that most of them joining the app just for the sake of trying it out and then without deleting their account, they just deleted their app thus the problem surface. Most of the users are really inactive in the app and you wont get any matches (or my there is a problem with my face)


They should really rename this app. 

Paktor or better known as dating is an app if you want to feel how does foreveralone feels. There won't be any match for people in the app and lots of the profile will be either trolling or just simply inactive. Don't bother installing this app although it is from Singapore, you wont be matched at all. Stop playing this app and get on another app will land you a better chance most likely.

Other than that, this app some fancy options which does not add chance for you to actually talk to a girl. There is a paid option where she does not need to be your friend but you can send message to her ala creep mode.

Still, I have a much better app that I am developing, it is called REACH & PULL

When you start the app, there will a set of instruction, it goes like this

1. Put your left or right hand forward
2. Place it down to your stomach
3. Move all the way down till you touch something soft that comes in pair

You still need to have your balls with all the social media dating app therefore all the best to foreveralone out there.

All the best in scoring,


  1. I tried it. Didn't find my soft things that come in a pair. :(
    What should I do now?

    1. If you did not find it there, high chances you dont have it.

      Wait for someone who has it to approach you. All the best (Y)