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Sunday, 14 September 2014


In the future, I am pretty sure I will be writing more on Xiaomi. It seems like they are producing more and more product with value for money and today I will be talking about the Mi In-Ear Headphones. This product only cost RM50 over at http://mi.com/my under the headphones section. 

Simple packing with just their logo. 
The outer wrapping with instructions on it.
The headphones comes with such classy packing as though it is much more expensive than the designated price. It comes with the instruction in the inside of the outer packaging with instructions on how to operate the device. 

I only had the chance to listen to it momentarily as it is not own by me (bought for Kane, therefore have to return to him). Since I have the weekend to use them, I just fire up some tracks on my phone, I have a wide range of music ranging from EDM all the way to oldies therefore I can say the headphones are definitely up to par with the musics. After several hours of listening, the headphones sounds less muddy and also clarity and bass start to be punchier. Songs starts to feel more ALIVE. The only button works for iPhone is the pause/play button which also answer calls unfortunately I cannot increase or decrease the volume which will come in handy in most case.  

Classy as shit.
1. Cheap only RM50
2. Premium look
3. Bass has enough oomph and clarity is good enough even for live songs with powerful vocal
4. Provides many different sizes of ear caps
5. Lots of technologies for cheaper price

1. Limited stocks sold on website
2. Only one button functioning for iPhone users
3. The wires feels quite flimsy.
4. Currently the new Piston 2 is rumored to be coming out soon


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