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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


As I was sitting down at CoffeeInk after a long drive from Petaling Jaya (since le GF wanted to buy like X number of clocks for every single inch of her house), I realise that CoffeeInk provides the comfort of being in a cosy environment while also playing some great music with a good social vibe. Therefore, I have narrowed down the top five reasons why these hipster cafes are famous:

1. Decoration - Interior and Exterior

As mentioned above, all of the hipster cafes come with surprisingly good decoration. Although their food can be bad, their decoration must be either unique or simply just creative. Besides that, we come to learn that most of the cafes nowadays use lots of wooden interior as part of their decoration.

Image taken from Garage 51 FB.
Image taken from Coffee Stain FB.

The place above gives you a feeling of cosiness and also an atmosphere to socialise. It gives you the vibe of being where you will just want to spend all the time you have, either sitting back and relaxing, or sipping coffee while chatting with your friends. This is some decor that you're usually only able to enjoy in cafes - try putting it in your house, and you'll either spend tons of money, need a big ass house, or get the smackdown from your parents.

2. Drinks

Most of the time we go to a coffee shop and order a cup of coffee where we would pay <RM10, but in a hispter cafe we pay above RM10, because we are somewhat poisoned about the coffee beans that are being used (Arabian, Morrocan, and many others). Also, the coffee shop atmosphere in all honesty does not add any extra flavour to the mix, nor to the tastiness of the coffee.

3. Social media

Many of the coffee shops have been overly hyped on social media, especially Instagram. Lots of the influencer lifestyle bloggers take really pretty Instagram pictures (with the help of a filter) and thus make the crowd rave about it. When you visit the place and taste their food and drinks, you will be extremely disappointed with it.

4. Name

Basically, the name of the cafe plays a really important role. We have cafes with weird names, like Garage 51, Acme Bar, Coffee Stain, and Thursdvys - a certain cafe we simply fail to pronounce and sometimes even confuse spelling it (I am looking at you, Thursdyvs). As long as it bears a hipster name (Departure Lounge, Good Batch, A Pie Thing, and the list goes on...) you will never fail to see people hanging in there.

5. Location

Most of the hipster cafes are located in an area where rich young kids are willing to spend money (TTDI, Damansara Uptown, Subang SS15). They're also mostly targeted towards young college students who are willing to pay more than RM 10 for a cup of coffee and sit down with their laptops doing work (or pretending like they are doing something) - this creates an illusion that the cafe is good. TBH, everyone is just there stealing internet while just chatting with their friends under air conditioning.

p/s: Thanks Amy for helping with the copy! 

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