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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


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The blue box although the phone is WHITE
It has been X years since I had this phone (not me actually, gf's phone) and I must say the android experience seems good enough for her which came from HTC One X and she is relatively happy. So lets just get to the review process and have fun with it. I will not go into very detail about bench marking, as you have that on the web and you can Google to find out more but instead I will be giving you the rundown on the simple pleasures you get using the phone.

As for the size, you will be getting a 5 inch screen with around 294 ppi which means things are crispy and clear while not as clear as your iPhone or Android phones you will not find it any disturbance. Everything that is viewed on the IPS LCD are bright and clear and closer to their natural colors. The viewing angle are also good (careful on what you are viewing and those sex-ting that is happening in public, they can see!) The three button below the screen which represents HOME, BACK and MULTI TASKING and it is not lighted up (so yeah just memorize it)

The sound of the Huawei Honor 3C is acceptable with ringtones loud enough to be heard even when you are busy clubbing or in the toilet doing some fixed deposit stuff. The vibration is really strong even when it is in your pocket or handbags, that is because of the wide surface of the phone which allows the whole phone to vibrate when a notification comes in!

This particular phone excel in the selfie, or wefie department. That is because the front camera (5 mp) have settings to adjust your face and make it sharper or nicer. Think photoshop on the go where whatever angle you take on, your face will always look sharp and fair. The back camera is 8mp with full HD video recording@30fps. On low light the camera fares well but I have seen better (nothing beats a PnS camera like the iPhone, I know i know different price range). Don't expect a super artistic picture capturing on the back camera, just add some filters and everything will be alright. The problem occurs when you tries to print the pictures out and you will experience the best pixelated pictures you have in your album.

Capacity does matter and that is what happen when your phone is equipped with 2,300 mAh battery. You basically can throw your PowerBank away for daily use, with much social networking, browsing and occasionally watching gif at 9gag you come to realise by the end of the day, you still have roughly 40% of battery life left.

Weighing at 140g the phone is tad abit on the heavier side, you will feel that the top is much heavier than the bottom and when you hold it, sometimes it feels like it is tipping over. Besides that, the size of the phone is big, and all say goodbye to your skinny jeans where the hope of fitting it is gone. This is one of the bigger issue that might steer the guys over from using the phone (minus does with man bag).

When it comes to how cheap the phone is, your immediate sense will want to buy it directly, as for the price you get more than you could be asking for. A good sturdy phone which will be able to last you for quite some time. But then ask yourself again, is this the flagship you wanted? Many times people buy this phone as a second phone not main phone, as the main phone usually things with more functionality and also appearances. 

Dat 5 inch screen for your viewing pleasure.


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