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Monday, 1 September 2014


Jim (Adam Sandler) is a single father with three daughters while Lauren (Drew Barrymore) is also a single mum with 2 sons. They both know a mutual someone who is cancelling their trip to Africa, thus without thinking much they signed up for the trip and get lower rates to Africa with the event activity called blended which the hotel organize for step father, step mother, step daughter, step son and the list goes on.


As much as both of them tries to avoid each other, they are actually somewhat stuck which makes the show fun to watch as they slowly care for the kids together. We see the gap that a mum or a dad should be filling in a family. The whole joke along with Nickes (Terry Crews) just made the show whole lot better, he and his crew named 'Thathoo Harmony Group' will appear on random times and start singing with really funny lyrics. There is also some touching moment when the relationship are being formed between families.


Like all comedy movie, the formula is overly used. Therefore, you can somewhat predict where the movie is going. Some of the scenes also seems like the formula is either overly used or too stupid to be true. You will know when you watch the movie then.


The movie is still entertaining, much better than Grown Up 2 if you ask me. Then it still it's not worth the price you pay in the cinema nowadays. For those who skipped this, just kick back and watch at the comfort of your own home. 

TL;DR: 2 families trying to be 1 with lots of romance and laughter. 


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