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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Last week Friday, Lion&Lion turns 2 this year and being a startup we choose to celebrate the anniversary at somewhere we can:

1. Blast our Lion&Lion Spotify playlist (Or someone's playlist)
2. Have a small football game
3. Pool is required - either to swim or tossing someone in it
4. Free flow of booze or (Vodka drowned in orange juice)
5. A place big enough to house all (or most) of us 
6. Lots of toilets 
7. Must have data/Internet 

So as we search high and low, suggestion were made and finally we head over to Summer Residence @ Rainforest Sanctuary recommended by Michelle! The bungalow has an epic view  and also the ample of space to be PARTY ROCKING! 

I took the car with three other colleagues and it was one epic ride. I was extremely tired but can't fall asleep in the car because of random screaming, thanks Sue Lin and also Soyan for randomly pulling whatever strands of hair left on my leg while I was trying to sleep. 

I took us less than an hour to reach to the location using Waze and with awesome ride from Niniek! Thank you! Basically, the location is up on the hill overlooking Genting Highlands and here is a picture as proof below:

Somewhere behind those clouds. I swear!

Lots of pictures incoming, you have been warned! 

The view of the place from parking, and on the right is Richard.

The house together with an awesome pool
The hall where the party is going down! 

The hall upstairs, with posh looking red chairs

Yeap the bathtub, it was under maintenance unfortunately

That was the interior as for the exterior we are pampered with a lush view of greenery and also a nice pool with a proper sitting place. 

Feel like a King up here

Part of the garden

The deep end of the pool

Chilling area for the pool
Party started pretty slow and towards the night it escalated quickly into this: 

That's basically how it all ended with lots of tossing into the pool, and some voluntarily got into the pool to avoid being thrown into. It was a fun night indeed. Congrats to those who won the Lion&Lion award!

Good night.

For a longer video and more party pictures, you can check out my colleague, Hariz's blog.

P/s: if you know how to work hard and party harder, we have some position available HERE.


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