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Saturday, 8 November 2014


You will understand why the tagline for this show is Don't Set Him Off when you watch this movie. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) takes the leading role in the show. He is an ex-hitman who is now on the mad run to hunt to track down the gangsters that took everything from him. Which is his, dog, yeah you read that right, his dog. The dog was the final token for him from his dead wife and some gangsters just decided to kill it. Stay classy stupidity.


Keanu Reeves is back. The role that he hold doesn't not have much to talk but lots of action with guns. I have no idea you could actually kill someone with the gun so many ways. There is also a specific atmosphere in the show that makes it so intriguing. The characters in the movie for example the CLEANER and the owner of Continental both plays a cool mysterious character. There are places that makes you think if it really exist in the world. The show is actually quite funny at times with humours does not seem so forcefully inserted.


At some point of the time, no matter how good an assassin you will start to wonder if he even dies. Lots of time you was like, no way he could have survive something like that. There is also no explanation to why they are using gold coins to transact in the assassin world. What was mention was only a brief history of 5 years back for Keanu Reeves, they should have went in-depth and narrates what happen 5 years back since the movie is only 96 minutes long. Lots of character sacrifice their background in the movie as nothing was explain in their past. 


If you enjoy watching Keanu Reeves back on his old role. More action than words then this is the correct movie. He is a train assassin with superb skill in shooting. Unfortunately, the hand-to-hand combat was weak on his part but overall a pretty entertaining movie to watch. It feel as though I am watching Max Payne in action.

TL;DR: Research before you rob someone and don't kill people's dog.  


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