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Monday, 26 January 2015


That's right, it is this EPIC.
Yeah game has been out since November 2014 and I am only writing about it now. That is because I recently just gotten the urge to play the single player and throughout the whole game, no regrets. I actually finished the game two weeks back and totally forgotten about it because it was the New Year and after that I went to Krabi (going to blog about it this real soon, I promise!). This is a SINGLE PLAYER review only. 

The story takes place in 2054, where the world is currently being controlled by the largest private military corporation called ATLAS. Over here, you play one of the military soldier which is under ATLAS after some mishap that leads you to lose the ability to fight as a soldier. So, ATLAS approached you to grant you that SECOND chance. 

The main fun for Single Player is the grappling hook. Watch the video below and you will see the grappling action which will provide you more than enough fun throughout the campaign. 


The single player finally took a major revamp from the previous Call of Duty franchise after it was done by Infinity Ward and also Treyarch which was just a bold-ly copied and fucking paste for years. Now the story features all new jetpack moves together with exoskeleton and also a gripping story, good enough for me to finish it in less than 3 days. The new exoskeleton enables you to move freely with lots of ways to approach your objectives either by boosting your ass upfront or you can just roll from the top and throw a SMART grenade down to blind people or detection mode to see all surrounding enemies. All the different fights and places that takes you brings a whole different angle to how you fight. The dialogue is nothing to shout about and also there are tons of QTE (Quick Time Event) in the game which part of it feels like a movie. 


The gameplay is pretty short, like all FPS game, if you are good in shooting, Normal mode can be done in less than 6 hours if you are not interested in finding any Intel in the game. Based on objective based, it is very linear. The plot although tight it is still much predictable for anyone who has just a little investing knowledge. Certain guns feel short as in the sound and also damage. The sound lack of bass and it is sad, future guns with no bass, I am sad. It was suppose to pack a punch! 


For whatever you are getting this game for, please do not get the limited edition or whatever edition it is out there. Keep those for a game which truly worth that Limited or Special edition. All the Downloadable Content (DLC) in the game as of now, I am pretty sad that the industry has come to this. EA has been notorious for this, so as Ubisoft in the same fucking boat. 


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