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Thursday, 29 January 2015


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So Mr Taylor Lautner is back, this time not on all fours but he is real human instead. He is a York City bike messenger who is wanted by the mafia escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger. Then it spiral off into romance as usual, so read up and do support me if you like it. (maybe share or comment will do :P) 


Lots of running and more running! I personally feel it is good because this is kind of pacing is rare in a movie, started of with cycling and then parkour which is good for different change in the usual run and gun action movie. It also shows the versatility of Taylor Lautner as he grow from his role of being a blardy dog (no, not a wolf, it's a dog). The pacing of the movie and the storyline feels just nice not being too fast or way too slow. The storyline was also something believable not blown over the top. 


While it is a parkour movie, it shows how easy for you to learn parkour. All you need to do is watch a video and train for a day or two and walla! Parkour EXPERT! Other than that, I feel the story could have not included that much romance as the parkour action in the movie was really something fun to watch. Other than that, there is not much background from the main character, all we know his mum was sick, his dad left or dead and that's about it. All he was left with is a CAR. The over the top action on parkour was really not needed as I believe the aim for a movie like this is to make it believable enough that I want to go out and do the very same thing. 


Show like this I assume it is best just watching at home. You might get the DVD but there is always a better way to get such movie. It is good for weekend time-killing if you have it. If not, you can entirely skip this movie seems like Taylor Lautner is trying hard to be the next Liam Neeson or Channing Tatum trying out more diverse and macho role. 

TL;DR: Run, run and romance. 


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