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Saturday, 17 January 2015


Saturday, January 17, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , , , No comments

Edisi Jangan Persoal for this blogpost because it is my mum, one does not question a mum. (not all the time)

When I was much younger, my mum always say things which makes you either afraid or guilty (most of the time both). Thinking back, some of them make almost close to no sense. As much as I love her, the statement that comes out from her mouth, scare or scar the hell out of me. You know what they say about mothers right, don't question them (or in the word of wise Malaysia: JANGAN PERSOAL or TAK SUKA KELUAR)

1. The Food Lies
Back in the days, my mum always mention a certain food mainly vegetables and fishes which I dearly hate. If you don't eat vegetable, later your body won't be strong, you must drink this soup, it is good for your body you know. Other than that, my mum always mention these exact word when I refuse to eat fish: eating fish makes you smart, you want to be stupid issit! This is for you to grow your brain. 

2. The Disciplinary Excuse
If mummy don't cane you today then someone else would, if I don't chilli your mouth now then someone will bring the heat to you. I love you mum but if you are gonna hit me, I guess I deserve it. I take it that I was rude and also playing between the border to being discipline therefore no excuses is needed.

3. The Nobody Bothers To Help 
My mum is a loveable person but this is a classic she always pull off. It is not that we did not help her, but we work too slow thus resulting to her kicking us out. Then she will complain that nobody cares or wants to help her. Well played mum! I am just trying my best!

4. The You Tak Suka, You Jangan Makan
So being the fatty that I am, I always ask my mum what she will be cooking for dinner mostly. I have no idea why it is always dinner maybe because she is behind my room (that is where the kitchen is placed) while she was busy creating tunes with her wok, I will be curious to know what will be the food for the day. She will say, if you don't like what I cook, GTFO  don't you eat! Go outside and eat instead. So like how my ministers say and my country favourite tagline goes: JANGAN PERSOAL (don't question my mum)

5. The I Can Read You Like An Open Book
This is the ultimate ASIAN problem when your mum looks at you and say, I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! 9 months mummy carried you so mummy knows all your tips and tricks! (doesn't matter, I still get to troll my mum occasionally). This usually happens when you do something bad and she will mention it, I knew it was coming, I knew it was in you.

That is basically top 5 statements from my mum. I am pretty sure your mum will have her own version of epic statements too but it will be roughly the same as mine, or does my mum have that Asian parents disease. Lol. Anyway, if you have read till this line I would like to thank you and also have a happy 2015, hopefully it is not too late!


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