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Sunday, 5 April 2015


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Since I visited Hatyai, Thailand back in the year 2009/2010. It felt like home. Thailand is always known for their hospitality and the trip to Phuket in 2013 just assured me that hospitality is indeed their main business. Then in 2015, I am fortunate enough to have a 4 days 3 nights stay in Krabi with le gf. 

Thanks to AirAsia zero fare promotion, we booked our ticket 6 month earlier before the actual event, and that 6 month surely did zoomed past us. All of a sudden, I vividly remembered I was at the hall packing up stuff to go on a trip, feeling half excited and another half lazy. 

We took the Aerobus to KLIA2 which took exactly 1 hour from Paradigm Mall right up to the doors of KLIA 2. The tickets are RM10/trip. Since our bus was early at 8.30 am we took a taxi to Paradigm Mall, and shortly after boarding, I felt asleep instantly until we reached KLIA 2. 

KLIA 2 is indeed a new upcoming shopping mall, with lots of choices of eateries and many other necessity, I can honestly just take my own sweet time waiting for my flight in KLIA 2 as there are tons of shops and also foods which are sold over in KLIA 2. Basically, it feels like a shopping mall minus a cinema. So if you are heading over for an early flight, rest assured you have tons of coffee shops waiting for you there (this is not an ad, I wish it was). 

Flight took off at the designated time without any delay and before I could sleep, we are already landing into the tarmac of the Krabi airport. I would love to show you the picture of immigration but there is a strictly NO PICTURE sign above and I am afraid they will suddenly tackle me down while I take out my phone to snap some pictures . Basically there is nothing at all in the airport except a few shops and also a taxi/bus stand inside. Here you need to purchase either a taxi for THB600 or you can opt for a cheaper mode of transportation which is the bus for THB150. 

Basically, we took the bus and the journey to Ao Nang took us around 1 hour 15 mins roughly because depending on the hotel that you booked, they have to shift you from Bus A to Bus B and send you there. Since our hotel is Ao Nang Sunset, all we need to do is just chill in the same bus all the way to the hotel. 

No lace for luggage, just toss it here
Ao Nang Sunset is a decent hotel nested in the middle of Ao Nang. The streets are clean but the shops are cluttered around therefore you might miss this particular hotel. Just keep an eye of Full Moon Bar and the place will be directly opposite of it. The hotel room was nothing special as it is just a normal queen size bed. On the plus side it was clean and also the router was directly outside my room (I promised myself that I should not be working but yeah, shit happens). I wrote more about it over on Tripadvisor as I realise that I used Tripadvisor lots for research purpose and also I hope I will be able to help people by reading my reviews. 

We did nothing much on the first day besides exploring the town as when we arrive it is close to 4 p.m and we are dead tired. The sun is scorching hot therefore please either wear a cap or get sunscreen just to ensure that you won't look like a burned lobster. I have absolutely no problem because I am tanned already so not much of a differences. The very first thing after you checked in the hotel, you will need to purchase 2 bottles of big mineral water as the hotel's boiler is not that good. Just get those drinking water from the mart nearby at around THB15 for 1L. We stopped by one of the pancake stall for a quick snack and their Banana+Nutella pancaked priced around THB55. We also grab an awesome coffee at Jenna's Fine Bistro and Bar. After searching through Tripadvisor again and finding out the route for dinner, we decided to eat at Wang Sai Seafood. The restaurant is about 10 mins walk from our hotel and it is facing the beach. The foods here are priced higher than usual as we spend around THB1100 here (squids, fresh salad, tomyam, fish, mixed vegetable, green curry and 2 drinks) comparing to other restaurant. I would say, it is nothing sought of great as Thai food of such quality I can easily have gotten it back in Malaysia. If you want to try something better, on the the third day I ate something really fucking awesome.  

Wangsai Seafood
Prawn Mango Salad 
Squid with Lemon

Seafood Tomyam

Green Curry Chicken 

The second day started of with free breakfast which was included in the hotel rates. The breakfast was nothing sort of spectacular and also the choices are so limited that you won't even bother starting the next day. You can always venture further and in the morning, you can find small stalls selling rice and also some morning food like in Malaysia. Shortly after that, we were headed to our snake show at 11 am, The Ao Nang Snake Show is well known among the tourist and I am sure also the locals. I paid THB650 which includes transportation from your hotel to the show. Upon arrival, you will realise there is a specific PIT for the snakes. The staffs are very friendly and also explains every single details about the snakes. Don't worry as you are seated high above the snakes and nothing can get to you unless..

On the way to the Snake Show
Showing that the King Cobra does have its venom still.

The show ran for close to an hour with you can decide to give tips at the end. They also let you take some close up pictures with the snakes and also holding the snakes. There is a monkey show beside but based on reviews, it is not recommended to watch. Expensive and boring.  

Shortly after that, when we got back, we decided to go to the fish spa which is located just a stone throw away from our hotel. Unfortunately, I have no idea how much it cost but it was pretty cheap and the fishes was indeed hungry. The moment I placed my foot in the aquarium, all I got was this: 

It was fun, and shortly after that we headed back to the hotel room, as it was too early for dinner. Shortly after that, we took of to see the Ao Nang beach. It was nothing spectacular to be honest, way too many people and way too crowded for anything. Besides that, the sun was scorching hot, I rather just either have a massage or just chill n the hotel room. We decided to head on to Atta-rak, it is located opposite of McD on the left side. Look out for a stairway leading downstairs and you will come across this place. Atta-rak offers a range of massage, best for me being the aromatherapy for THB650, you can easily have 1h30m of pure massage. In all honestly, I felt asleep halfway through the massage and woke up feeling fresh. I guess we can call it a good massage then? Lol.

Look out for this sign!

Our dinner for the second day is at, Bamboo Restaurant which was not that great. We happen to stumble upon it after asking the tuk-tuk to bring us to the nearest GOOD restaurant. That is because our initial restaurant was fully booked.

3 dishes, 2 juices = THB850
The food was normal, you can get this food in Malaysia almost anytime and anywhere. I would not recommend this place as there are other far more better and cheaper place to eat. The only advantage of the place is the waiter and waitress can speak Malay. Feels like home suddenly, although I am pretty sure I was happy to call Thailand my home.


 Island hopping time, we registered to visit 4 island for a price of THB450 using the longboat. Although it was not as fast or as clean as the speedboat, it gives you the feeling of travelling like the locals do. The trip is half day, therefore it finishes around 3pm and meals will be provided. The island that you will be having your meal is called PODA island and their facilities was almost close to non existence. The toilet there barely have locks and the floor was wet and pretty disgusting. So man the fuck up and maybe take the dump elsewhere (thank god, I didn't have to take a dump after my lunch, if not I am utterly fucked). You can also rent a mat to lie down for THB200/hour. 

Waiting area
The wide sea 

One of the many mountains you see on the way to island

The highlight for the third day, and my trip will be a meal at Ton Ma Yom. Please make reservation 1-2 days before dining here. All you need to do is just get a tuk-tuk to bring you there. It will cost you roughly around THB20 and once you reach the area, don't be taken aback with a small hut and simply decoration. Their food here is authentic and prepared freshly, therefore you have to be patient. I waited for 45 minutes in an epic hunger for my food to come and boy I must say, everything melted away. Gf was a happy girl as she noms away all the foods while the neighbouring tables was baffle with the amount of foods we ordered. Do it like the asians! Below is what we ordered for THB800.

Seafood tomyam, again
Fresh fish slow cooked with lime and chilli

Green curry chicken

Stir Fried Vegetables

Cashew Nuts Chicken

For the price and quality, it is really unbelievable that something this delicious can be this cheap. That's why I will always hold a special place for you in my heart, Thailand. After gobbling down everything, we decided to wash everything down with of course many pints of beers. You saw that coming, Full Moon Bar was directly opposite our hotel and their band plays reggae song which absolutely makes you just want to dance and sing along, the best part is below: 

Please tell me how to not love Thailand
The night just slowly fades away while we entertain the songs and our own drinks. Such a good good night #takemeback #throwback. 


The very next day, our flight was scheduled after lunch, and we made a terrible mistake of not having lunch before heading to the airport. That is because the airport was total shit with only limited small stall selling instant noodle and nothing nearby to eat. 

The entrance of Krabi Airport
This is what happens when you check in: 

Row after rows of chair, and standing fans. Sorry no air-con!
I was waiting for my flight here close to 3 hours and it almost drive me crazy. Thank god I was not alone. If I was alone, I don't know what should i do anymore. There is also no free Wi-Fi. You need to purchase it from a store which charges THB50 and it can only be connected to one of your device. The instant noodle are priced at THB80 and that is basically what you are eating. For someone from Malaysia, KLIA 2 instantly outshine most airports at the moment. 

Then again, the only issue I had was the airport, Thailand still holds my heart true and I will be back again in June to Phuket this time. Till we meet again Thailand. 

Yours Truly,
Kevan Lee. 


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