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Thursday, 9 April 2015


Thursday, April 09, 2015 Posted by Kevan Lee , , , , No comments

I grew up watching Fast & Furious, the movie has it's high and low but with Fast & Furious 7,it is a must watch as it gives you the proper ending and closure. You will feel like it was a very heavy hearted goodbye to your own family member. All the actions and also the feelings which you will not want to miss, so get your ass off that chair and watch it now. Spoilers below: 


The show is now more action packed as ever. That being said we have some of the stuns which keep your heart pumping and also make your knees weak as they traverse to continents to retrieve something for the US government. There are so much more hand-to-hand combat, while I love gun action, there is a well balance of guns and fist-to-fist combat. Tony Jaa definitely step up the action game, and Paul Walker had a good fist fight in the movie too. Cars flying is a norm and in this instalment pretty sure they crash more cars than they did in the previous (GTR & Impreza, I remember you)


Nothing makes anymore sense in the movie, flying a $3.2m car from 1 tower into another 2 towers in split second and the car still in one piece. Don't think so supercar can be that tough, fast maybe strong nope. The fight which involve the helicopter and the rest was over the top, parking lot came crashing but then Vin Diesel still manage to outrun the crash. Tons of bullets has been shot but its seems nobody gotten a single shot of it. 


After what I seen on Fast 6, I guess F&F 7 just up a notch in the action part and also storyline. Beside cars flying everywhere, there are tons of fist fights and also crazy driving in the movie. The cast is now closer than ever, their acting as family can be felt outside of the cinema. You should watch it if you are fan of fast car and also action. Then again, FOR PAUL. 


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