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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The second installment of Avengers is actually tad bit disappointing. I guess I expected way more than what was shown in trailers. I personally bought it the movie with IMAX 3D hoping it will be a good movie. You will want to watch it to get to witness some cool superheroes in action but if you coming in for the plot or storyline, expectation please be low. 



The whole movie is one cool arena of gadgets and also flashy superheroes power. I personally like that they have showed the combination of power of different superheroes, the likes of Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer creating a super shockwaves was indeed epic. If only they showed what Iron Man and Captain's shield can do. The superheroes suit is all modded and looks really good. The appearance of much awaiting Hulk Buster was also an epic moment. It was worth it watching 3D for that particular fight actually as we seen parts being flown in particularly to fix the armor while it is being destroyed by Mr Green. All the fighting in the movie is really good and fast paced, it will keep you on your feet definitely with all the different happenings. 


The storyline. Everything about the storyline and then plot seems like it is not from any timeline. It seems someone just sat down, had a couple of beer, light a joint and walla. A NEW FUCKING MARVEL UNIVERSE IS HERE GUYS. I admired Marvel studios when they decided to made their own franchise but lately it seems like way too many of their superheroes movie are forced. Not only that, the final fight was disappointing, I felt so much of the first Avengers minus the fact the city was fucking flying. Other than that, the jokes were kinda lame, it was a Marvel trademark at first to have witty lines,but recycling the formula again and again just makes you wonder if the script writer is already hitting their writer's block.


The list can go on and on and on but I will still recommend you to watch it. Despite all the shortcoming, it is still to be consider one of the most anticipated movie this year and if you ask me should you be in that hype train? Yes, you definitely should because at the end of the day it is much better if you watched it yourself rather than getting it spoiled by your friends/family/nemesis/partners and etc. I hope Ant-Man will be much better than this. 


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