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Friday, 20 June 2014

App Addiction: WHATSAPP

My always addiction, Whatsapp.
In 2005, I was stuck with something people call the Short Message System (SMS) spending hours till I eventually felt asleep texting someone. At times waking up from my sleep and hitting SEND just to reply the previous SMS which I felt asleep typing.

Fast forward a few years later, I got myself a smartphone and eventually became a slave to it by downloading Whatsapp off App Store for iPhone. My days of texting experience just got elevated to a whole new different level. Last time you only can send text or pictures but with Whatsapp, you can do this:


The app is free and still is, which makes downloading it so freaking easy! My life change shortly after i downloaded it. I remember very well when I first downloaded it and went totally crazy about being able to send message/picture/location for free just by using data. The newer Whatsapp enables you to even send voice chat to your friends. Back then data wasn't cheap, but it surely beats having pay RM0.15 per message with a limitation of 160 characters. You could imagine the joy that floods me when I had Whatsapp installed, non-stop messaging for a message whore like me. Just keep typing and typing away till I realize I have been far too attach to this app on my phone.

That being said, it is still one of the best app for me to connect with friends/family/gf/loved ones/strangers and just chatting away easily. They say face to face communication is dead with technology now casting a shadow over it where people are easily connecting and making conversation over a digital platform instead of real life chatting. To me nothing beats real conversation but sometimes you know, we don't have the luxury of sitting down in time thus we get technology to help us.

This is my Whatsapp usage from January 2014 till now:

Change of phone thus stats not updated
I won't be stopping anytime soon, I still love Whatsapp lots and I guess it is much easier to stay in touch with people this way, that being said sometimes it blurs the line of work and also social.

BRB, replying my Whatsapp messages now. See you all...


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