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Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Short Perspective

Back then in 2001, I was the tallest in my class. Nothing seems to matter, nowadays. See below for basic understanding of my height. 

I was THIS tall.  
Just joking bru.

I have been short for 10 years currently (more to come) and I can tell you that, the perspective here is different even the air you breathe is different (usually unpleasant). Here are the top 10 things people say to me: 

1. Wow, you are short! 
2. Nah, don't think you can reach it bro.
3. It's okay, I will help you bro!
4. Please measure your height here before sitting on the ride. 
5. She doesn't like short guy 
6. If only you are taller, I would have dated you in an instant.  
7. Go and take the ladder.
8. Err, you sure you can place it on top? 
9. Do you want to alter your jeans?
10. No offense, but then you follow your mum or dad? 

Then again sometimes being short has it advantages, for example here are my top 5 things people say to a short guy when we surprise them:

1. Wow, you are fast!
2. You can jump really high man!
3. Eh, why you can run so fast one?! 
4. Wah, you can really go through here?!
5. Damn, that is some nice move there

That being said, I have already made my peace with being short. I came to my sense few years back that I can never grow any taller therefore start to work on another department which is now I have branded myself as being funny.

What I have learn while people start to have good impression with their height, short people need to be working extra hard to gain that impression once you start talking approaching or talking to someone, be natural and you will be able to hold that conversation.

That is all what it is about for me. Basically, this is a basic reminder to my short brothers' out there, don't worry bout the height if you want to impress someone. Just be yourself and let the conversation spark light itself because we, shorties, are awesome like that!  


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