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Saturday, 21 June 2014

PSA: Steam Summer Sales ( June 19th till June 30th)

The STEAM summer sale is here once again! If you are a Steam user, this is where you shop for all the good games from discounts from 25% - 80%, sometimes even free with an error. 

If you don't have an account, please do yourself and mankind a favor by registering HERE!

Once you have registered, it is time to pray to Lord Gaben (below) and prepare your debit/credit/paypal to go on an online- shopping spree: 

Here will be my TOP 10 tips to survive the Steam Summer Sales 2014: 

1. STOCK UP on lots of bread and can food is needed to ensure survival when lack of money
2. Download for STEAM Mobile App for iPhone/Android (for other OS, good luck) this enables you to         keep up to date with the on-going sales
3. Steam accepts lots of kind of payment, don't worry about payment method
4. Always ensure to check the FLASH sales section and also COMMUNITY's choice
5. Update your WISHLIST (you might get lucky during sales #upallnighttogetlucky
6. Ensure that you VOTE for the community choice
7. Use this website STEAMDB to help you track games which are on sale (DLC not included)
8. Drink lots of water, keeping yourself rejuvenated ensure that you can buy more during sales
9. Get a new HDD, preferably around 1TB or a new SSD just for your OS
10. Participate in the Summer Adventure to win stuff, since you will have chance to win anything in your wishilist. 

P/S: that is all I can think off as of now, enjoy shopping and gaming. I am not to blame if you are broke for this month. Let's enjoy being broke together. Praise Lord Gaben. 

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