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Monday, 4 May 2015


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Back then during my form 3 till after university. I was an avid dota player, I played easily more games than I can ever counted and also staying in hostel with LAN connection makes DoTA so much easier. In fact, I migrated from DoTA to DoTA 2 and still continue playing back then. Was I good? Nah. Was I happy? Only when I win. Was I frustrated? Sometimes. 

Valve decides to buy the DoTA team and make it officially theirs
But still DoTA holds a soft spot in my heart, till this very day I watch The International with my friends and talk about it over Skype while we witness near perfect teamwork from the teams but me being the less competitive person learned some good lesson playing DoTA. And some of it you can actually apply in real life,here we go: 

Lesson #1: TEAMWORK 

How much you farm in dota, does not matter if half of the battle was fought without you carrying the weight. This only makes your teammate frustrated because you are suppose to be in charge of winning most of the battles but you are too indulge in yourself to bother about things happening around you. In life have the same principles, if you work in a team, and when things happened and you are always there to guide/help/teach or just offer a listening ears, you will then not only leadership but also trust among your team members. 

Lesson #2: LISTENING

Many times people mistaken that being the Ace players you don't need to listen to those around you. Yes, you might be the best when solo-ed but have you forgotten that all the gears must be moving to have the perfect timing and also opening. People should take time to listen to feedbacks from surrounding, yeah it is nice to be on the top. Who doesn't? But listening evokes a different sense as it is too stop and stare before it is too late. 

Lesson #3: TIMING

It is all about time. Whenever something big happen, in your personal life or workplace or gaming. Timing is everything. You see that girl over there, if you time your questions nicely you might get her number or at the very least her name. Life teaches you timing in a different manner that's why we all need to try to control timing with whatever we have. DoTA teaches me timing, and I try applying it in life as good as I can (still remember that time when I wanted to ask something from my dad, Playstation One, I waited till I gotten my results from UPSR and then ask. Suffice to say, I got the unit but I was stupid to reject a PS2 offered from my dad. It's okay #janjiplaystation.) 

Lesson #4: BATTLES

Everywhere you go, you pick your battles. That is because not all battles which are fought will result a win on your side, or a draw. Most of the battles you pick in the game, dictates the future outcomes. Therefore, you should not just jump into any battles just for the sake of fighting. Even the strongest leader, pick their battles wisely. Choose your battle wisely and I assure you that the tides will be on your side and fall into the correct place. 


Remember when people tell you that shit about the glass is half full or whatever between those line. DoTA teaches you to master this, an INT hero getting a VIT item, for example the Heart or maybe dmg items. Its the different way of looking at things which make things much more enjoyable in life. That is because with all of these you can always switch your perspective easily in real life, being in work or personal. Sometimes, people don't tend to inflict something on you just it happens for a reason. Look at the brighter side maybe it will tend to make you think of different perspective to counter the problem. 

See mum after all of the nagging that DoTA doesn't help anything, while I'm not earning millions. I still find a good lesson that DoTA teaches me and somewhat manage to incorporate them in my life. Don't look down on us gamer, we learn quite a fair deal on gaming mainly also English and directions. Mind mapping was a big part of my gaming experience and I will write about that in my upcoming BloodBorne review :D. 


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